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October 21, 2021
CityFlow Studio update with light-mode, redesigned maps and more!

October 21, 2021


Christian Østergaard Laursen

New CityFlow update!

We have just released an update to CityFlow Studio on
It’s one of our largest and most performant releases to date.
We'd like to show some of the highlights of the new update below!

Dynamic Darkmode

We've made it possible to either have your system automatically shift between dark and light mode, or you can manually toggle it as shown on the animation below. You can also set your preference on your Settings page.

Redesigned Maps

We've listened and made easier to distinguish spatial features of the map, more recognizable road sizes, congestion levels and more points of interests! This is especially for our light-style map, where water bodies and forrests are visualised in a simple manner.

Reverse Geocoding

We have released our CityFlow Reverse Geocoding to the public! This means that the locations of CityProbe 2 units will link directly to nearby roads or Points of Interests that can be used to more easily search for specific units in specific areas.

Real-time Measurement Stream

We have also just opened up for some new features on our backend as well. It is now possible to connect to a WebSocket API specifically for your CityProbe 2 fleet - enabling real-time ingestion of measurements data as they are sent from each unit! You can check-out your personal WebSocket link on your Settings page under API.

Better Fleet Overview

We have also redesigned our settings page, simplifying fleet management and overview. We are not quite there, but this marks a step on the way to create the most holistic, cohesive tool for obtaining real-time data and knowledge from the urban environment. It also includes our reverse geocoding data!

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