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October 18, 2020
MONTEM to become official partner of H22

October 18, 2020


Anders Høedholt

We are thrilled to announce that MONTEM A/S will be an official partner of H22, which is a major initiative by Helsingborg municipality in Sweden to develop future welfare solutions with the aim of improving quality of life in a smarter and more sustainable city. As a H22 partner we can both demonstrate and further advance our most cutting-edge smart city technology in this city-wide innovation initiative.

Specifically, MONTEM will set up a CityProbe network in cooperation with Helsingborg Stad, which will include strategically placed low-cost sensors for measuring urban environmental data in a fine-meshed grid. The CityProbes will continuously measure parameters such as air quality, noise, luminosity, UV and rain. Furthermore, different methods will be tested in order to incorporate the technology in various contexts, such as integrating CityProbe hardware in street lamps as well as in vehicle fleets, where the built-in GPS can provide live locations of the measured parameters.

The collected data will be visualized and communicated to interested parties, including citizens and decision makers. Our existing platform for visualizing and interacting with data from smart city sensors, CityFlow, will be extended to accommodate these needs. The CityFlow API allows for all data to be exported to and visualized in other tools, such as existing GIS software or analysis tools such as Microsoft Power BI.

The project results will further be presented at the H22 City Expo, showcasing the possibilities that a fine-meshed sensor network can contribute with for both municipalities, research institutions as well as for the general public.

You can read more about CityProbe and CityFlow at and about H22 at

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