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We are based in Aarhus, Denmark. Here, we craft the smartcity tools of the future.

Towards the intelligent city

As a team we are driven by the constant quest to innovate and explore new ideas and opportunities. We constantly question the status quo and strive to build the most forward-thinking smart city technology on the market.

People Behind the magic
Meet our team
Managing Partner, Product Creator
Christian Østergaard Laursen
M.Sc. in ICT Product Development

I love to create. I can summarise my passion, experience and skills as simple as that. I work at the intersection of humans and technology – building simple and pleasing bridges in between the two.

Partner, Product Designer
Anders Høedholt
M.Sc. in ICT Product Development

I am passionate about pure and functional design. I enjoy working with new, groundbreaking tools and technologies to create novel and unique products, seamlessly bridging simplistic design with advanced technology.

Electronics Wiz
Zuzanna Czepukojc
AP Degree in IT Network and Electronics Technology

I am an electronics technician, passionate about working on great ideas and bringing them into the physical world. I enjoy the challenging process of building products – from the early stage prototypes to high quality solutions.

Electronics Wiz
Simon Hansen
Stud.M.Sc.Eng in Electrical Engineering

I am an electrical engineer, who enjoys working with new technologies. I love finding solutions to challenging problems. The thrill of innovative technological advances encourages and motivates my everyday work.

Ganesh Ram
M.SC. in ICT Product Development

I love using digital tools to positively affect the world. I thrive by developing IT-concepts with sustainable and scalable business models. The focus is on improving the customer's experience with our products and services.

Electronics intern
Cæcilie Johansen
AP Graduate Student in IT Technology

I am a technician by profession and a creator by heart. I'm excited about developing real solutions to innovative ideas - the challenges associated with creating elegant solutions to technical concepts both drives and inspires me.

Marketing Intern
Steffen Fredberg Pedersen
Student in Marketing and Management Communication

I am a marketer with a passion for development and innovation. The way we are doing marketing today is not how we’re going to do it tomorrow. To evolve and to look upon marketing from a new perspective is my most important task.


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